Dr Smith will continue to have regular follow up visits following your procedure until maximum recovery is reached. This is usually 1-2 years after surgery.

Outcome scores

I ask the majority of my patients to fill out surveys about their shoulder or elbow.

Although some of the questions can seem silly or repetitive, they are used throughout the world. It is very important that you fill out these surveys. They let us know how you are doing and how we are doing. They can be completed in clinic or more commonly you will fill them out online. You will receive email reminders about these surveys.


You will be reviewed by the practice physiotherapist in the rooms at key time points when the rehabilitation guidelines change.

It is crucial that you follow the rehabilitation guidelines. Doing too much too soon could disrupt the surgery and effect your long-term outcome.

You may choose to see a physiotherapist regularly to supervise your rehabilitation. Alternatively, some patients choose to follow our guidelines at home on their own. Often the best ‘bang for your buck’ is to see a physiotherapist regularly between 3 months and 6 months after surgery.


There are no firm guidelines on return to driving. Rough estimates depending on the type of surgery are listed in the rehabilitation documents.

You should not drive within 24 hours of a general anaesthetic. You should not drive in a sling, cast or splint. You should not drive when taking pain medication which may affect your ability to drive (including codeine). You should be able to drive under normal circumstances AND also be able to perform emergency manoeuvres safely and without pain.

Return to work

The required time off work will depend both on the nature of your work and the type of operation you have undergone.

Please refer the specific information sheets about your surgery.

Return to sports

The required time off sports will depend on the surgery undertaken, the level of participation and the nature of the sport itself.

Please refer the specific information sheets about your surgery.

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